Femnista Nov / Dec 2014: A Family Affair

New issue. Wonderful)

The Sacred in the Secular


Fictional families that live together, push against one another, and cause us to remember them.

Includes… Gilmore Girls, Little Women, While You Were Sleeping, Game of Thrones, Wives & Daughters, Hansel & Gretel, Downton Abbey, Indiana Jones, Chuck, The Originals, Pride & Prejudice, Supernatural, War & Peace, Sherlock.


Read it online or download it.

Themes for 2015 include: Swashbucklers, Ancient World, Time Travel, Medieval Times, Magic Realism, Villainesses, The Renaissance & Tudor Period. We’d love you to contribute to any or all these issues. Please check this page to see what isn’t available and then contact me.

This publication relies on word of mouth to be successful and remain free, so thank you for re-blogging, posting your own links to our downloads, and telling others about us.

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